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About AARS

Throughout its 80 years, the Møller-family has played a central role in Norway's social development. Today, the family's ownership and trade are gathered in the family and holding company called Aars. The name of the company dates back to Harald Aars Møller who founded what is today known as MøllerGruppen. Now, 3rd and 4th generation owners are the active leadership of this company.

"Aars will secure a stable and long term economic growth for the owners, in accordance with the risk profile the owners see fit. The ambition is that Aars will be the best place for the family to express their ownership" says CEO in Aars Sigurd Haavik.

Some of the important tasks set to help us reach this ambitious goal is to support the owners by being active and good owners of the businesses that the family owns. Aars has the day to day responsibility of making family's financial investments. Working closely with our ventures, Aars also takes responsibility of the family's societal engagements.

The family started with a car dealership and a mechanical workshop in Strømmen, just outside of Oslo. Today, the ownership reaches across many businesses in Norway, Sweden, and the Baltics.

Total revenue of 2018

The car business, MøllerGruppen, still holds the position of core business. In addition, we own, lead and develop real estates close to cities through Møller Eiendom, and we invest and engage with what we think will benefit from our active ownership through Katalysator. But the journey doesn't stop here.

Throughout the generations, the family has created value in the form of customer experiences, experience, knowledge, and capital. These values are generated by smart and hard working people, working with the society around us. Those are values we are interested in progressively developing further, to make it as great as possible for those set to take over from us. Aars is the family's tool to achieve these goals.

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