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The family has dedicated their passion for the arts to Photography

Everlasting moments that engage

''In addition to allowing photography to bring inspiration to our surroundings, the family wishes to do something special for the Arts in Norway. The idea is to contribute to the understanding and knowledge of photography and showcase the many sides of the craft. In other words, use this medium, which is becoming a bigger part of our daily life, as communication and relations tool.''

The Møller-collection is around 800 color and black/white photographs strong. The older photographs have a background in documentary photography, but become a glimpse into the day in which it was taken, giving a sense of a situation which, today makes us view these photos as artistic expressions. This applies in particular to the fashion and press photographs within the collection.

Through the development of artistic photography, photographers have been able to establish a new way of viewing of photography and what it means within society. It has been a development that has spread over many countries and a long period of time. So too has it made up an important piece of the Norwegian puzzle namely through photographer and collector, Tore Holther’s performance and distribution of photographic knowledge.

Sølve Sundsbø, The Kiss, 2010 MS 757
Anton Corbijn, Untiteled. MS 62

Aars' goal is to make the collection available to everyone who wishes to know more about it

Access to moments in time

The core of the Møller-collection comes from Holters photo collection, which was purchased by Aars. The collection was later expanded and is consciously used today in many of Aars enterprises. The main office in Bygdøy Allè 4 has large parts of the collection on display, and in MøllerGruppen's offices in Frysja, they exhibit satellite collections. Møller Eiendom also enriches their properties by borrowing photographic art from the collection.

Here at Aars, we feel that it is easy to talk about photography. The images tell stories and illustrate fabulous fairy tales, and makes us appreciate the photographer's keen eye. The Møller-collection is an oasis and the starting point for many opinions and expressions, meetings and moments, and athetical pleasure, but, at times, it also expresses the uncomfortable brutality in everyday situations and moments.

Aars' goal is to make the collection available to everyone who wishes to know more about it. We work with the long term in mind, and continuously try to expand the collection, and often notice that new angles and directions in our collection have to have a fluid strategy in order to achieve this goal.