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CEO in Møller Eiendom - Ola T. Gjørtz

A hub for development

Møller Eiendom has traditionally been heavily weighted with car properties, but now we're looking increasingly to perform within other development projects, says CEO Ola T. Gjørtz.

"We have clear outlines for property projects we wish to engage in. An important criteria is that the properties have to be placed centrally, “Hub-Projects” as we call them. In Oslo, we have a goal to develop 2 to 3 Hub-Projects in parallel. Harbitz Torg in Skøyen, Oslo, is a good example of this with it’s 60 000 m2 of offices and domiciles closely connected to the train system, subways and roads. Our aim is to develop areas where people can live, shop and work without having to move more than necessary. This will ultimately make day to day mobility fast, simple, effective and environmentally friendly."


With a well developed and local service, many of the inhabitants and users needs will now be covered close to home.

"In correlation with this, we want to explore how we can develop innovative solutions for living facilities with services such as care-taking and other  assistances which could make everyday life simpler and easier," says Ola T. Gjørtz.

"Our goal is to create projects that will give something back to the area. This can be in the form of beautiful architecture, great outdoor areas, activity arenas and other user oriented solutions. Our properties will be effectively managed and serviced and the design will be with the future and function in mind. It is important to us that our tenants and neighbours should thrive in a nice environment."


To fight negative environmental effects is an important area of attention for Møller Eiendom. “The company has for a number of years, invested in energy economical solutions, and our partners have training in energy-effective service solutions. Since 2009, we have saved 7,5 Gwh annually, which is the normal usage of 750 homes in a year. Systems for active energy follow-ups are introduced in all our properties. It means that all energy sources like electricity, remote heat and gas are monitored by the hour, and weekly there will be comments and tips for more effective energy usage. We do this because sustainable innovation is of utmost important to us.