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Øyvind Schage Førde, Head of Møller Eiendom Board

Investing in sustainable Urbanisation

Øyvin Schage Førde, head of Møller Eiendom's board, is sketching up an active and ambitious future for the real estate company. 

Møller Eiendom is already one of the 20 largest property companies in Norway, but we're becoming even bigger. Real estate represents exciting possibilities and in tune with the family's long term investment perspectives, the goal is to increase the value of our portfolio to 10 billion NOK by 2020. We will in the years to come, buy and develop many central properties, each with their own modern solutions and qualities and with the aim to be notable landmarks. Møller Eiendom has already invested 6 billion NOK, which makes me sure that we will reach our strategical goal for growth within the next 4 years.

Øyvind Schage Førde

– What is the main strategy of the company?

– We want to be an ambitious real estate company, which continues to build and develop for the next generation.

– What kind of relationship do you have with buildings and property in general?

– I'm interested in architecture, and think that it is interesting and exciting to be part of a team to develop property solutions for the future. Most exciting to me is the inspiration I get from being part of Møller Eiendom. I feel privileged to be able to work with and learn from skilled professionals, both in the administrative team and on the board. This is an opportunity I wouldn't have recieved without being a part of the owner family. That is something I am grateful for, says owner and head of the board Øyvind Schage Førde.

We want to invest in buildings that have high technical value and contribute to the development of new and attractive areas within the city

— Øyvind Schage Førde, head of the board in Møller Eiendom.