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Startup Lab

Investing in the technology of the future

StartupLab, with their 65 companies, is Norway's biggest incubator for technology based start-ups. Founders Fund is an investment collective where both private persons and investment companies alike can invest in chosen innovative startups within the lab.

The companies within StartupLab develops the technology of tomorrow and is recognised by capital intensive development activities. Founders Fund was established to build an environment around successful entrepreneurs who give back by going into the companies during their start phase. Katalysator joined Founders Fund in 2013. The fund is worth around 30 million NOK and has invested in 22 companies to date. The investments usually range between 500 000 and 3 000 000 NOK.

In 2016, Katalysator followed up this investment by participating in Founders Fund II, which has a total capital of 70 million NOK. The ambition is to invest in approximately 50 new startups wothin the next three years.

''Through participation in Founders Fund I and II, and the environment made by startuplab, we are able to contribute by making ideas that represent significant commercial possibilities come true” says CO Jon Pran of Katalysator. “All the while, this cooperation gives us a unique insight and the chance to be one of the most exciting and innovative development environments in the Nordics.''

New markets

In addition to investing in new opportunities, the environment found in Katalysator works as a discussion platform for entrepreneurs. “We are able to stay ontop of modern environments, and we given the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with markets that previously did not exist. StartupLab also represents a new network, where key people from technology businesses such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Facebook are involved.

Katalysator's goal is to have a high deal flow, which means good access to potential investment opportunities. Founders Fund plays a significant role in ensuring deal flow is consistent and grants us opportunities to make new investments where we have a 2-3 year visage. The companies in StartupLab may also be potential partners for companies where Katalysator is on the owner's side, and can, therefore, make a faster innovation progress within our portfolio.

Through active participation in StartupLab a Founders Fund, Katalysator takes on a important responsibility for society, since the companies in the lab create valuable technologies which will help many people.

StartupLab is found in Forskningsparken in Oslo, of which 159 startups belong.