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The importance of values

A legacy of significance

Founder, Harald Aars Møller placed great importance on behaviour and character, and his motto – ''Keep your path clean'' – was his lifeline through his whole career. His son, Jan H. Møller, followed the slogan with the same principles: ''I'd rather lose money than trust''.

Harald Møller & Anne Catrine Møller

These are obvious expectations that the owners of today want to imprint into the next generation of workers and owners.

In the later years, these expectations have been manifested through mutual values for the businesses under the family's ownership, and the foundation of value is formulated in this fashion:

Open and honest




We're using the foundation of our values actively internally with the hopes of it enabling us to build trust externally

- Harold Moller

Safety for the right choices.

After the family's ownership moved into various ventures in another five countries, we couldn't expect that everyone would have the same value.s or principles. Therefore, we decided to develop clearer guidelines for our behaviour as a company in the form of a Code of Conduct. These help us “translate” our values into a tool which will help keep us on a common path and make safe decisions, says Harald Møller.

Practically speaking, this means that all the businesses should have internal guidelines bound to important topics that concern us. Among these are central themes such as HMS, ability, conflicts of interest, corruption, and communication. We expect all our businesses to give proper training on all of these topics, such as dilemma-training where the workers have to decide on the right choice in a given difficult situation.

Through our Code of Conduct, we have also established early warning systems and channels where employees can tell us if there are any unregulated conditions. The work is followed up by the boards in the various companies through a annual status update, while at the same time performing a thorough risk analysis of the business.

"We will continually train to follow these important rules"

- Harald Møller.