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Micro Matic

Making a smart move with light and heat

Katalysator is investing in light and heat. Micro Matic is the company that delivers the futures smart solutions for optimised energy usage in Norwegian homes.

Aars investment company Katalysator is betting on a sustainable, bright and warm future, and in spring 2016 bought the Asker-company Micro Matic Norge AS. This company that delivers innovative solutions such as heating, light, ventilation, and security was previously owned by the investment company named Herkules.

Micro Matic has had tremendous success with delivering systems that control light and heat and made around 224 million NOK in revenue in 2015. Jan Peter Sunde, investment director for Katalysator and head of the board at Micro Matic, emphasises the ambitions behind the purchase is Micro Matic's exciting market potential. “We want to support the company by developing Micro Matic's strong sides further”, says Sune.

Smart housing.

Intelligent homes are becoming a big part of a sustainable future, and Micro Matic is already delivering innovative solutions which are making energy usage in Norwegian homes more efficient. A smart house is an intelligent domicile which keeps its inhabitants comfortable, all while the energy usage is kept to a minimum. In the smart house, light, heat, sun shields, multimedia and access are all loaded into one singular server. By combining, guiding and controlling the home's various electrical installations, the house will have much easier controls for light and heat, lower energy usage, better comfort and higher level of security. “Today, a smart house is mainly on offer for the wealthy, but our ambition long term is to be able to provide smart housing to everyone in the market.”

Sunde emphasises the tight dialogue between the new owners and Micro Matic's leadership.

“The cooperation is progressive and inspiring, and as owners, we will be closely involved in the developments of the strategy and realisation of possibilities in new markets. Micro Matic already has a good position in the market, and an essential guide for the new plan is to be ready to realise new possibilities while using existing innovative technology as inspiration. In this case, Katalysator's role is to be active, but not hyperactive owners” says Jan Peter Sunde.