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Mobility is a high priority on our agenda

The owners have put mobility on top of their daily agenda priority list, especially in MøllerGruppen and Møller Eiendom. Moving people or goods will be no less important in the future than it is now and as such has a plethora of possibilities for an innovative initiative.

“It's a good starting point for our goal, which is to develop a defined role within society.”

Sigurd Haavik

CEO Sigurd Haavik in Aars AS, the family's company, is central to the work they are doing to define how mobility should be a driver for Aars ambitions and businesses. Mobility has a connection with the family's 80-year long car history. The car trade is facing new challenges, and there is no doubt that how we own and use our cars is about to change. Through new development projects within Møller Eiendom, we're also looking to see how important its going to be to prepare for future mobility, which is also about reducing the need for movement daily. Digitalisation is and will always be the big enabler.

"We're looking at both commercial and socially necessary possibilities around urban mobility. The goal being to create new, sustainable solutions”

Transitioning into a progressive future

What is mobility? Man is made to move. Since the beginning, humans have had an urge to explore new territories, discover new cultures and experience new people. The mobility of tomorrow will be all about how we can make movements more efficient, or to be more extreme, how we won't have to move at all.

Trying to visualise how the future of mobility will develop allows us to explore how the newest technology and social changes will affect how we consume goods and use services – and thus, how we will do business.

Mobility will move us into a new future and will affect how the cities of the tomorrow will look, how the next generations will buy products or use services, and how our new expectations and demands will affect those who deliver these goods and services.

Urban, smart mobility is key

It is expected that the up coming years will create bigger changes in the car trade than we have witnessed these past 80 years. The family has always been a leader in the business and wishes to keep this position in the future as well. This is why we have developed a defined set of ambitions which we use as a anchor to ground our work: “We will, down the road, have a key position within urban, smart mobility.”

What do we mean by smart mobility? We wish to both develop and use the technology of tomorrow and its smart solutions. But mobility covers a large spectrum, therefore we have chosen to view smart mobility as a term made up of five pillars: smart health, smart energy, smart housing, smart cities and smart cars. We believe that fascinating and attractive opportunities will appear within these areas, which is why we are looking at all of them.

Smart cars: Cars are moving from being traditional “fossil fuelled” vehicles to becoming controlled by software and machines, controlling most of its functions by itself. New business areas will grow, and the shared economy will have a more dominant role. We are in a unique position to test and guide this exciting development further.

Smart energy: The development within renewable energy is positive regarding costs and efficiency. This also goes for battery capacity. This combination makes fossil fuel as a source of energy outdated in many areas soon. That's why we want to take advantage of the energy of tomorrow on as many platforms as possible.

Smart health: Smart health. The health solutions of tomorrow will give us better mobility solutions for an increasingly old population. Our properties can be innovative areas to pave the way for a complete and active life.

Smart cities: Smart cities. Urbanisation will create significant challenges for cities around the world, but also possibilities. With our property and transportatiob knowledge, we wish to take part in creating tomorrows cityscapes.

Smart housing: Smart housing. Because of the digital wave that is increasingly taking over our everyday life, things that previously weren't digital will become digital and “connected”, also called internet things. Smart housing will change our everyday life significantly, and through our investment and property environment, we want to be part of this journey too.

We are convinced that we have the strength and ability to put mobility on the social agenda, and for this reason we have prioritised urban, smart mobility as our top ambition.