Tilbake til oversikten
Med mulighet til å ta egne valg

En eierstruktur for neste generasjon

In 1972 the first generational shift happened in the company. Jan H. Møller took over as CEO of MøllerGruppen after his father, Harald A. Møller, who then became head of the board. After Jan Møller, leaders from the outside were brought in, but when the time is right, the ownership will be transferred to future generations.

It is our wish that the next generation will take the company forward into the future, and that the structure and competence around Aars will remain a a solid foundation for our children to become active owners, says Anne Catrine Møller, one of the active partners from the Third Generation.

All generations are connected with a family identity, and that is our strength. It is also important that the young find their own identity and their balance concerning which life they want to lead. If they want to become an active owner, they have to want it themselves; it is never forced. We want everyone to get an education which corresponds with their interests and can make the foundation their own income.



I appreciate being an active owner because it allows me to get close to the businesses. For me, this is a dimension where I learn a lot through discussions about future choices, where I get a lot of knowledge from people who are wise and updated. As owners, we have to be engaged in our positions, we have to live and develop values of the company – It's high risk if you don't know how to reposition yourself.

Anne Catrine Møller

Volunteer ownership

As opposed to other families that have chosen different models to ensure that the property is held for future generations, the family has adopted a model where ownership in Aars is entirely by choice. This means that it is entirely possible to sell your shares until you're 100% out of the company.

Our job as active owners, along with the management in Aars, is to contribute positively, so that choice is never made. It means that we, in addition to Aars, has to be an attractive place to put your money and has to contribute in other ways to make a sort of ''glue'' which makes us stick together. It's all about being staying within our perameters, and building a sense of togetherness through the community, our interest in photography and now through a common ambition leaning towards mobility in a wider sense than just cars.

Happy to contribute

The next generations are invited to join in on the fun, which is building and creating – and to make healthy workplaces and sustainable businesses. As a prominent contributor within the car and property trade, along with ownership in other trades, we can develop an active role in the community where we will contribute to society, as is our responsibility. This is a challenge I'm sure will be engaging to the newer generations, too, says Anne Catrine Møller.