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Ny styringsmodell gir klare føringer

Må være bevisst på rollene

"I view myself as a “organisation animal”, and I am the only one in the family who works operatively within MøllerGruppen."

These words come from Morten Møller, a 3rd generation owner who is the project director daily for MøllerGruppen, whom it must be mentioned, is a lover of cars. The garage has always been my library! I love to fix cars, and I get immense pleasure from my wonderful 1973 VW Beatle 1303 S.

In 1974, Volkswagen Golf entered the market and was an immediate success. Golf today is the most sold car in Norway.

Volkswagen Boble
1974 VW Golf

Differentiating the roles

It's always been important to me to know which “hat” I should wear. It has been critical to be able to interchange between my roles as an employee, member of the board and owner. I've avoided using the board or role of an owner in my daily work, but rather used these positions and insights to work with the board and guide the strategies we've made, says Morten Møller. - When someone pops their head into my office to ask what I, as an owner think, I send them to their closest superior.

Morten Møller

The owners use a lot of time to inform leaders and workers in all the operativ'e businesses about their leadership model and what a family ownership means. “Our long term vision, predictions, and adaptability starts at home, around the kitchen table, in all the branches of the family. If the family doesn't function, it will affect how we lead. This is something we all believe, and therefore we use a lot of resources to keep the family oriented about what happens at any given time, says Morten Møller. He also points to the family's information app, that all generations can use which was commissioned as a tool to keep everyone in the family informed and up today.

I ensure important decisions are collectively decided on by all the owners. Then, I have to communicate the decisions to the family to make sure they understand what is going on so that together, along with our external board members and the leadership in Aars, we will showcase an active leadership. This is the fundamental difference between ourselves and a entrepreneur who often mixes all roles, allowing ownership to confuse them” says Morten Møller.