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Rudolf Lehnert (1878-1948) and Ernst Landrock (1878-1966)
Lehnert & Landrock is the name of a photographic duo active in North Africa in the early 20th century, consisting of:
Lehnert was born in Gross Aupa (now Velká Úpa), in Bohemia, which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian empire (and now part of the Czech Republic). He first travelled to Tunis in 1904, and in 1904 he again visited with his friend, and subsequent business partner, Ernst Heinrich Landrock. The pair established a photographic studio in Tunis and worked closely for more than 20 years. They later established studios in successively, Munich, Leipzig and Cairo, publishing the works as by "Lehnert & Landrock".
From the 1860s onwards photographs of people with different cultural values and sexual morality became popular for artistic and erotic reasons. According to Pascal Baetens, they border on racism and ethnocentrism. Lehnert spent the last part of his life at Redeyef, Gafza Oasis, Tunisia, where he died. Ernst Heinrich Landrock (4 August 1878 in Reinsdorf, Saxony – 30 April 1966 in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland) was a photographer who was based in Tunis, Leipzig and Cairo. He is known for his works with Rudolf Franz Lehnert, published as "Lehnert & Landrock".