Tilbake til oversikten
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Arbus, Diane

Hers is now a ubiquitous name in the world of photography, but it is easy to forget quite how radical an artist Diane Arbus was when she roamed the streets and took portraits of those considered to be non-mainstream members of society, from disabled people to transgender people. Her work drew praise and criticism in equal measure from leading figures including Robert Hughes, Susan Sontag and Brian Sewell, and her unique aesthetic changed the face of portraiture forever. Although her work has been exhibited around the world, this show presents around 105 photographs that Arbus took during the first few years of her career (between 1956 and 1962), two-thirds of which have never been published before. Most of the works come from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s extensive Diane Arbus archive, which was donated by the artist’s estate in 2007.