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Andenæs, Morten

Morten Andenæs received his artistic education at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and now lives and works in Oslo, Norway. During the last decade Andenæs has primarily worked with photography and text in order to tease out the role representation plays not only in describing the world, but in constituting it. In Andenæs' view, narratives pertaining to social identity, of inclusion and exclusion, of family ties and social bonds are seen to emanate from this rudimentary impulse to represent the world through language and images. In Andenæs' practice the photograph in all its myriad expressions, genres and uses is under scrutiny. As surfaces of fantasy and projection, of distance and proximity, his meticulous photographs are coupled with texts ranging from the fictitious and poetic to the theoretical, attesting to a continued engagement with the image as such and its place in his culture at large.

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