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Stone, Sasha

Sasha Stone is an alias.

Sasha Stone, born Aleksander Steinsapir (1895 –1940) was a Russian born artist who together with his first wife, Cami Stone were successful photographers during the 1920s and 1930s.

Sasha studied electrical engineering in Poland from 1911 to 1913 when he immigrated to New York. Sasha lived in Berlin and Paris working as a sculptor around 1918/1919, and was associated with the sculptor Aleksandr Archipenko. He was also a contributor to the magazines in Berlin before Sasha and Cami opened their own studio in Berlin in 1924, named Atelier Stone.

In 1928 Stone became a painter, but had little success as an artist. Due to an economic downfall in Europe during this period, Sasha focused on photography as a main source of income. Sasha had become an extremely versatile photographer, working with portraits, journalism, feature images, advertising, property, fashion, and architecture photos. Sasha took images for surrealist journals like Varietes in Belgium and Bilfur in Paris. His work was presented in the first international photography exhibit called Fotografie der Gegenwart in Essen, Germany and Werkbund’s exhibition Film und Foto in Stuttgart.

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