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Vi engasjerer oss i coworking spaces

Nye rom for ny business

As a leading participant within office and business properties, Møller Eiendom has to follow the development of the market closely. The futures office infrastructure will be totally different to the one we are familiar with today.

At present, the most obvious changes that are becoming apparent are “Co-working Spaces.” Work spaces which combines a unique localisation of different tenants and services, spaces which offer its occupants the usual necessities of a office space but on a shared basis” says marketing director Pål Bøe in Møller Eiendom. 

“In order to learn and understand how the new workplace infrastructure will look, we've started cooperating with Mesh, a leading business in Norway which specialises in co-working spaces. With a owner position, it opens up the possibility to have a growing partnership, with strategical business development as a goal” says Pål Bøe.  

Membership within a co-working space

Mesh is centrally placed in Oslo and houses approximately 300 people, comprised of both newly established startups as well as bigger companies. The tenants, which are members of Mesh, each have their own office space with access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, bars and cafés.  “This creates possibilities to connect people through a developing community.”

“We challenge, inspire and engage through community activities, knowledge exchange, networking and experience. An important goal for our business is to connect the physical and digital workplace, which are both equally important in our opinion. This is unique with our concept” says Anders Mjåset, CEO of Mesh. “the connection with skilled people and good ideas in an exciting environment is something you can only get within a co-working space such as ours”

The members of Mesh are automatically connected  as a community. Development of digital solutions which will reinforce and simplify the communication between members and administration of support services is a priority for us.
Anders Mjåset

The sharing economy of working life

“Co-working spaces are part of the new sharing economy of working life, and the American company WeWork is an inspiration in this trend. Without owning a square inch in an office, the company is still rated as the third biggest property business in the US. The company offers more than 50 locations in the US and has over 30 000 members. In 2015, WeWork, which was named as one of the most innovative companies in the world, was worth more than 10 billion dollars” says Pål Bøe. “We are driven by new business opportunities, and companies that administrates co-working spaces will be a natural part of our future tenancies. It is, for example, not impossible that our big development project Harbitz Torg in Oslo will be an arena for an innovative, member based co-working space.”

Anders Mjåset is very satisfied with the co-operation with Møller Eiendom.  “It'll be exciting when high quality property distribution meets our radical property concepts. We experience Møller Eiendom as a future oriented company which is genuinely interested in developing new business opportunities.