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Volkswagen Strategy 2025: TOGETHER

Volkswagen skal bli best på bærekraftig mobilitet

Volkswagen's new program for the future “Together – Strategy 2025” aims to make the group a world leader in sustainable mobility as they make a sizeable commitment to launch more than 30 new electrical cars in the next 10 years.

The strategy is a framework, laid out to act as a compass that will guide the Volkswagen Group through their planned evolution from Car Manufacturer to a world leader in sustainable mobility. In the near future, each brand within the group will launch their own strategies that will be based on the “TOGETHER – Strategy 2025”.

In order to achieve their ambitious goal, they will change their existing core business within car production and establish a new area of business for mobility solutions, vowing too to increase effectivity and reinforce their innovative power and entrepreneurial mentality.


TOGETHER - The strategy 2025 Volkswagen AG

Excerpts from the press conference on 06.16.2016 in Wolfsburg

More than 30 electric car models within the next 10 years

The new strategy means that Volkswagen Group will make some fundamental changes in order to prepare for the mobility of the future. Volkswagen Group estimates that electrical cars will make up approximately one fourth of the global market of personal vehicles. For Volkswagen Group, that means a sale of between 2 and 3 million electrical cars by 2025.In the next 10 years, the group plans to launch more than 30 electrical battery cars. 

In order to transform the existing core business - Car Production, their focus will be on absorbing new knowledge and taking on new competencies and skills. As a step to achieve this, Volkswagen Group will reserve necessary funds to be able to follow up on opportunities that comes with self driving cars and artificial intelligence when they present themselves. The goal is to license a system for self-driving cars, developed themselves, by 2020.

In light of these expectations of increasing market shares for electrical cars, Volkswagen Group wants to develop their competency within battery technology. The strategical possibilities and the commercial potential around such developments will be explored thoroughly.
The essence of Volkswagen Group will still be to develop, build and sell cars, including related financial services but some of the changes, which have already been set in motion, will permanently change how we go about this, albeit in a responsible and constructive manner as is traditional for Volkswagen group.