About Aars

For more than 86 years, the Møller-family has created jobs and played an important role within Norwegian society’s development. The name of the company originates from Harald Aars Møller who founded a car dealership and a mechanical workshop just outside of Oslo.

The family's ownership and business have been gathered in Aars since 2014, and today the 3rd and 4th generation of the family make up the active owners in Aars.

The car business has from the beginning represented the core business, however over time the ownership and business have expanded into real estate and a range of companies within in various industries. We own, lead, develop, invest and engage with companies that we think will benefit from our active ownership.

Aars is both a family office and an investment company. We work actively with ownership, investments, capital allocation and risk management to secure stable and long-term economic growth for our owners in a sustainable manner.

Through active ownership with a long-term view, we will continue to develop profitable businesses and meet new customers needs, all whilst helping to solve some of the challenges facing today’s society.

The ownership today reaches across businesses in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Macedonia and the Baltics.